The Plan to End Homelessness

We understand that there will always be circumstances in life that cause people to be temporarily without homes. However, if we are able to fill gaps in our system of care, we anticipate that there will be enough stable resources in place so that a person experiencing homelessness could access resources for emergency shelter almost immediately. From there, when the system is working at its best, a person could move into transitional and, then, permanent housing. The ten year plan is based on a goal of having adequate resources to provide immediate shelter for people experiencing homelessness.

The NDCHP recognized the need for a comprehensive and coordinated system that addresses the many dimensions of homelessness and fills the gaps within the system. Without a stable place to live and a support system to help address underlying problems, most homeless people bounce from one emergency system to the next, from the streets to shelters to public hospitals to psychiatric institutions and detox centers and back to the streets endlessly. Many agencies across North Dakota have joined together to work on the 10-year plan to end homelessness. The ten years will be spent mobilizing new resources and stabilizing existing housing opportunities.

The NDCHP's membership is growing. The increased participation of agencies gives the NDCHP the human resources it needs to continue to be the lead agency in developing North Dakota's Continuum of Care for homeless individuals and families. With its years of success in acquiring Continuum of Care federal homeless assistance funds and increasing the supply of supportive housing in North Dakota communities, the NDCHP anticipates increased financial support from state and local government which will sustain the organization for the long-term.