Members of the Steering Committee

Region 1: Christine Verespe (Term ending 12/31/2020) 
Region 2: Jill McDonald (Term ending 12/31/2019) 
Region 3: Molly McDonald (Term ending 12/31/2019) 
Region 4: Katie Jo Armbrust (Term ending 12/31/2020) 
Region 5: Sarah Hasbargen (Chair) (Term ending 12/31/2019) 
Region 6: David Klein (Term ending 12/31/2020) 
Region 7: Joey Huber (Term ending 12/31/2020) 
Region 8: Darianne Johnson (Term ending 12/31/2020) 

At-Large #1: NDCHP representative: Cody Schuler (Term ending 12/31/2019) 
At-Large #2: Homeless or Formerly Homeless Member: Lorraine Davis (Term ending 12/31/2020) 
At-Large #3: Erin Dahl (Term ending 12/31/2019) 

Advisory Members of the Steering Committee

*TBD CoC Coordinator 
Shantel Dewald ND Dept. of Commerce 
Andria Elhard FM CARES Systems Specialist 


Steering Committee 

North Dakota Coalition for Homeless People | North Dakota-500 Continuum of Care 

A Continuum of Care (CoC) is a group of individuals, organizations, and policy makers who gather under a formal structure to address issues of homelessness in their communities. This group attempts to develop comprehensive systems to address homelessness by providing communities with a framework for organizing and delivering housing and services. The overall approach of a CoC is based around the concept that homelessness is more than a lack of shelter, but involves a variety of underlying, unmet physical, economic, and social needs (HUD Continuum of Care 101).

North Dakota has one Continuum of Care, and the North Dakota Coalition for Homeless People acts as the Lead Agency for the ND Statewide CoC.

Federal regulations (24 CFR 578) note that the purpose of the CoC is to: 

  • Promote community-wide commitment to end homelessness 

  • Provide funding to quickly re-house homeless people while minimizing trauma and dislocation (Permanent Supportive Housing, Transitional Housing, Rapid Re-Housing, Homeless Management Information System) 

  • Optimize self-sufficiency among people experiencing homelessness 

The ND CoC is overseen by a Steering Committee appointed by the NDCHP Board of Directors. This Committee is provided for in the CoC Governance Charter and is made up of representatives from each of the 8 planning regions of the state and no more than three additional at large members (1 homeless or formerly homeless member, 1 member of the NDCHP Board of Directors, and 1 member at-large).

The NDCHP Board of Directors strives for statewide balance and diversity in the makeup of the Steering Committee.